Rare, 'Dragon' Chocolate or Nougat Mould

Rare, 'Dragon' Chocolate or Nougat Mould

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A rare, two part copper nougat or chocolate mould in the shape of a dragon. This would have originally been a part of a much larger mould for making a table centre piece. The mythical beast is beautifully detailed and it looks as though it would have sat on top of a helmet or orb and this could have represented a family crest. The mould is marked with a number ’2264’ to both sides. It is French, probably made by Trottier, although unmarked, and it dates from c.1870. It is in excellent condition but the interior has never been tinned so it is likely that it has never been used.

Dimensions: Height 21cm. Width 13cm. Depth 5.8cm.

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