Super Quality Copper Mould with Fruits to Top

Super Quality Copper Mould with Fruits to Top

Code: K23341

£565.00 Approx $716.1, €660.82

A super quality, 19th century, French copper mould with a group of fruits to the top. This is well made from a heavy gauge of copper and it has castellated seams. It is stamped with a pattern number ‘385’ and it dates from c.1860. The design, which encorporates cherries, a pear, an apple, a pomegranate, grapes and strawberries, is very deep and well detailed and this sits above crisply fluted sides. The mould is in excellent condition and the tinning, to the interior, is still in good enough condition to be used.

Dimensions: Height 14.4cm. Length 17.5cm. Width 16.3cm.

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