Triangular, Copper Ice Cream Mould

Triangular, Copper Ice Cream Mould

Code: J22484


A fabulous, 19th century, triangular, copper ice cream mould. Both the mould and lid are marked “TEMPLE & CROOK IRONMONGERS MOTCOMB  ST. S.W” and they are also stamped with a number ‘2'. Temple and Crook were both manufacturers and retailers of top quality copperware in London in the 19th century. Triangular ice cream moulds are quite a rarity and this is a good example. It is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and dates from c.1870. The small brass foot enables the mould to stand but is also unscrewed to allow the ice cream to be removed from the mould more easily. The mould is in excellent condition and the tinning to the interior is still good enough for occasional use.

Dimensions: Height 19cm. Width 17cm by 17cm.

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