Two part, copper

Two part, copper "Sturgeon" mould

Code: H20456


A two part copper chocolate or nougat mould in the shape of a sturgeon or classical dolphin. This design is often referred to as a dolphin but the dolphin does not have scales, whereas the sturgeon does. The sturgeon, is also known as the Royal Fish and was used in many architectural features. This mould is very well made, with excellent detail to the moulding. It is French and it dates from c.1870. It is in excellent condition and the tinning, to the interior, is still good enough for it to be used.

Originally it would have been held together by steel clips on the sides and we can supply these if required.

Dimensions:  Height 14cm. Width 10cm.  Depth 4cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K., shipping to the U.S.A. and most of Western Europe.