Two Part Nougat Mould

Two Part Nougat Mould

Code: D17349


W: 17.8cm (7")H: 16cm (6.3")L: 26.5cm (10.4")


An unusual, two part copper nougat or ice mould. Both parts of this mould are marked 'TROTTIER FNT PARIS' within a circle, and the design of the two sections aligns perfectly. It is difficult to find these moulds still together as often, when kitchen contents were sold off they were split and sold as separate moulds. Having said this we do have a couple in stock at the moment in varying designs. This one dates from c.1880. It is quite an elaborate shape, with the two parts making an attractive fluted comport, and it is made from a substantial gauge of copper. This type of mould was used for making a table centrepiece out of nougat or ice and this would then be filled, usually with small, fruit shaped ice creams. Both parts are in very good condition but the tinning, to the interior, is worn. 
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