Unusual Irish Copper Mould with Pineapple to Top

Unusual Irish Copper Mould with Pineapple to Top

Code: K23035

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A very unusual Irish copper mould. This is marked “COLLEY DUBLIN 1926” within an oval. There is also a mark in Irish on the opposite side of the mould which can be seen in the images. I can’t find any reference to when this company was operating but, due to the way the mould is made, with the folded seams, the date of 1926 would be accurate. The sides of the mould are plain and there is a well detailed but slightly stylised, pineapple to the top. It is made from a very heavy gauge of copper, is in excellent condition, and the tinning is still in very good, usable condition.

Dimensions: Height 14.5cm. Length 16.7cm. Width 12cm.

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