Very large, Benham's Copper Mould

Very large, Benham's Copper Mould

Code: H20704


A very large, Victorian copper mould. Moulds of this size were generally used for moulding cakes as edible jelly does not stand more than 6 inches high. This example is English and it dates from c.1860. It is marked with a pattern number ’213’ and it is made by Benhams although it doesn’t bear their mark. ‘213’ is the pattern number that Benhams assigned to this design which consists of six simple columns to the top section with a scrolling base. 

It is a good quality mould, made from a heavy gauge of copper, but it does have some faults. There are three very small holes to the top and there is also a little solder around these holes where someone has attempted to repair it in the past. The tinning, to the interior, is worn. It is still a very decorative mould.

Dimensions: Height 20cm. Diameter 17.4cm.

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