Victorian Copper Pipe Mould

Victorian Copper Pipe Mould

Code: D16702


W: 14.8cm (5.8")H: 12cm (4.7")Di: 14.8cm (5.8")


A  Victorian copper pipe mould with a three tiered design. This piece has no manufacturers marks but, on the side, is a pattern number ‘9’ over the number '14' which probably relates to the size. It dates from c.1870. The design has two tiers of stylised leaves, with ten small domes to the top. It is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and is in very good condition. The  tinning, to the interior, is worn. Pipe moulds were often used for baking. They are very practical as the pudding or cake cooks from the inside as well as the outside so the middle doesn’t end up stodgy. 
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