Beautiful Sunderland Lustre Jug

Beautiful Sunderland Lustre Jug

Code: J21712


A super quality, early nineteenth century, Sunderland Lustre jug. This is beautifully decorated with three panels on a splash lustre ground. There is a black transfer printed ship, with polychrome enamels,  a verse titled “The tear” and the name “Ann Isabel Bolton” above flowers and foliage in shades of pink lustre and green enamel. To the rim is a border of flowers in pink lustre and iron red enamel and beneath this is a wide band of yellow enamel. The overall effect is quite delightful and the jug dates from c.1820. It is in excellent condition, with just a little wear to the lustre on the rim.

Dimensions: Height 12.7cm. Width 15.4cm. Diameter 11.7cm. 

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