Pink Lustre Cup & Saucer

Pink Lustre Cup & Saucer

Code: H20627


An early 19th century, pink lustre cup and saucer. This style of decoration became generically known as “Pink Lustre House Pattern” but this 5.3cm. covered all manner of buildings which were painted in this style. The building depicted on this cup and saucer looks like a part of a castle or abbey. It is painted in various shades of pink lustre on a porcelain body.

English. Date c.1820.

Dimensions: Saucer: Width 14.2cm. Depth 3.1cm. Cup: Diameter 8.9cm. Height 5.7cm.

Condition: Both the cup and saucer are in good condition, with no damage or restoration. There is slight staining to both which can be seen in the images.

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