Rare, Moulded Lustre Jug

Rare, Moulded Lustre Jug

Code: J22206


A rare, moulded pearlware jug with pink lustre and enamel decoration. This is a shape and design that we have not seen before. The bulbous lower section is moulded with various flowers and foliage. Above this is a wide band of pink lustre with a scallop shaped rim. The moulding is highlighted in pink lustre and green and blue enamel. It dates from c.1830 and it is in excellent condition. There is minimal wear to the lustre, on the high points of the moulding, and both the lustre and the enamel are still in very good, bright condition.

Dimensions: Height 16.8cm. Width 19cm. Depth 13.8cm. 

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