Silver lustre jug depicting the Marquis of Wellington

Silver lustre jug depicting the Marquis of Wellington

Code: G19955


An interesting, historical jug with silver lustre and enamel decoration. This is decorated with black transfer prints which are then highlighted with polychrome enamels. To one side is a scene which is titled “MARQs WELLINGTON IN THE FILED OF BATTLE” and it shows Wellington on horseback. It is interesting in that Wellington is usually depicted as the “Duke of Wellington”. This title was created for him on the 3rd of May, 1814 and this shows him before he was made a Duke. Under the spout there are initials and a date, hand painted in silver lustre: “W.S.J 1814”. So this means that we can date the jug, very accurately, to between the 1st of January and the 3rd of May of 1814. 

To the opposite side is a rural scene titled “ LEAP YEAR or a PLENTIFUL HARVEST” and it shows young lovers frolicking in the hay. The rim of the jug and the handle are decorated in silver resist lustre. 

Condition: There is wear to the lustre, particularly on the handle. There are two chips to the rim of the jug and one to the foot and there is flaking to the glaze on the inside. All of these faults can be seen in the images.

Dimensions:Height 17cm. Width 20.5cm. Diameter 16cm. 

English. Date c.1814.

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