Small, Moulded Lustre Jug

Small, Moulded Lustre Jug

Code: J22205


A small, moulded pearlware jug with pink lustre decoration. This is English and dates from c.1820. The sides of the jug are moulded with vertical banding and there are three cartouches, each painted with the house pattern in various shades of pink lustre. To the rim is a moulded band of flowers which are also highlighted in pink lustre. There is some staining to the interior of the jug and there is a very tiny hairline to the rim, by the side of the spout. This is less than 0.5cm long and is barely visible. There is a small chip on the foot and very slight rubbing to the lustre on some of the high points of the moulding. This can all be seen in the images.

Dimensions: Height 10.5cm.  Width 12cm. Depth 8.5cm.

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