Sprig moulded, pink lustre jug

Sprig moulded, pink lustre jug

Code: H20634


An interesting, sprig moulded pearlware jug with lustre and enamel decoration. This jug is made in a very similar style to those made by Enoch Wood but the colour combination is very unusual. There is a central pink lustre band and this has sprig moulded figures applied over the lustre, which are then coloured in a lighter shade of pink lustre and polychrome enamels. The grape and vine design to the rim is applied in the same way and there is extensive use of a dark red enamel both for banding and also for highlighting the moulded decoration. 

It is English and dates from c.1820. 

There is quite a large chip to the foot and there is also a small, star crack in the base with does not go through to the interior of the jug. There is a further short crack to the side of the spout.

Dimensions: Height 10cm. Width 17.5cm. Diameter 12.7cm.

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