19th cent. Cast Iron Scales

19th cent. Cast Iron Scales

Code: E18036


A set of cast iron balance scales with brass pans and weights. These are marked, in the casting, 'FORCE 10 KILOG' so they are quite substantial and designed to take a heavy weight. One of the brass scale pans is marked 'K.M.D.' to one side and 'FHIJK' in the middle. The former mark could relate to the maker but the central mark looks as though someone has been trying out a set of letter stamps on the brass. The cast iron has a matt finish which looks a little rusty. We have not tried to improve this or wax it as they would be ideal for someone who wants to paint them. The weights are a very good set of English brass graduated weights from 2 pound down to 1/2 ounce.

Dimensions: Scales: Length 50cm. Width 20cm Height 19cm. 

French cast iron scales and English brass weights c.1880. 

Condition: Very good, fully functional.

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