Brass coconut cutter

Brass coconut cutter

Code: F19013


W: 10.8cm (4.3")H: 8.5cm (3.3")L: 28cm (11")


A most unusual, brass coconut cutter. This item has three functions. First the coconut would be placed the flat circular section and the blade brought down to cut the coconut into pieces. There is then a steel blade for slicing the coconut and a serrated wheel for dicing it. We bought the piece in France but, going by the marks, it could be English. It is stamped with the initials ’S.A. &.B.P.’ Under this is a registered design number ‘R.NO.153’ above ‘1930’ and then ‘W.NO.19’. 1930 could be the date or it could be part of the registered design number. It is quite a difficult piece to date, as we have never seen anything like it before, and it could be either late Victorian or, if going by the mark, as late as 1930. It is well made, it is in excellent condition, and it could still be used.
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