Large, Peugeot coffee mill

Large, Peugeot coffee mill

Code: F19338


W: 40cm (15.7")H: 49cm (19.3")D: 33cm (13")


A super, 19th century, cast iron coffee mill in excellent and fairly original condition. Often these mills have been stripped and the cast iron has been black leaded but this still has its’ original, green paint to the base. It was made by Peugeot and is marked, in the casting, ‘PEUGEOT FRERES BREVETES S.G.D.G.’  It is also marked with the number ‘2’ which relates to the size. They were made from a size 4, which was the largest, down to the smallest which was a double 0. This is a good looking example as it has the large wheel handle and brass covers to the top. It dates from c.1880 and is in excellent condition. It is still in full working order.

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