Large, Victorian sorbetiere

Large, Victorian sorbetiere

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H: 32.5cm (12.8")Di: 14.3cm (5.6")


A large, Victorian pewter sorbetiere, for making ice creams and sorbets. This dates from c.1870. The ingredients were placed into the sorbetiere which was, in turn, placed into a bucket of ice and rotated quickly. This would freeze the ingredients and turn them into ice cream within about 20 minutes. Who needs a modern ice cream maker? We have seen this done by Ivan Day on stage and even with the heat of stage lighting it still works. This is a particularly large example, with a capacity of 6 pints. It is actually marked, on the rim, '3 QUART'. There is slight marking to the pewter, on the exterior. This was often the result of the contact with the ice. The interior is still in very good, usable condition. 

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