Miniature Clogs in Matchbox

Miniature Clogs in Matchbox

Code: Z15007


A Charming pair of miniature clogs and a Co-operative Wholesale Society match box, both dating from the early 20th century. We bought these clogs in the match box and they have probably been together all of their lives. Miniature clogs could be found in all of the mining towns in Northern England and were carried, by the miners, as a good luck charm. They were either made by professional clog makers or by amateurs who were trying to display their skills. These are indeed, beautifully made, with their wooden soles tipped with metal, and leather uppers with steel rivets. 

If you look at the inscriptions on the ends of the box you will see that they were given, as a gift from Maud to Guffy in 1932 and then back from Guffy to Maud in 1933. What a delightful little piece of social history.

Dimensions: Length 5.8 cm. Width 3.5cm. Height 1.7cm.

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