Pewter Ice Cream Banquet Mould

Pewter Ice Cream Banquet Mould

Code: H21431

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A large, 19th century, pewter, ice cream banquet mould. This is marked, to the interior of the base, with a large “NO 7”, the capacity “3 PINTS” and a registered design kite mark which dates the registration of the design to 1868. The mould would have been made shortly after this, c.1870. It would produce a large column of ice cream with fluted sides and a group of fruits to the top. There is a slight blemish to the pewter, on the side of the mould, but otherwise it is in good condition. The exterior has a dark patina and the interior is still in very good, bright, usable condition. 

Dimensions: Diameter 12cm. Height 20.5cm. 

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