Pewter 'Prince of Wales feathers' ice cream mould

Pewter 'Prince of Wales feathers' ice cream mould

Code: F19110


H: 11cm (4.3")Di: 14.5cm (5.7")


A large, three part, pewter ice cream mould with a Prince of Wales feathers design to the top. Although this mould is not marked it was probably made by Benhams as we have had an identical model which was marked. This is not, however, a common design. The moulding to the top section is very deep, and very well detailed. It is also very similar to the modelling of the copper Prince of Wales feathers moulds of the same period which were also made by Benhams. It dates from c.1870 and it is in excellent condition. The interior is still in very good, bright, usable condition and the exterior has a good, dark patina.
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