Rare "Prancing Horse" ice cream mould

Code: E18041


W: 11.5cm (4.5")H: 24.5cm (9.6")L: 27.5cm (10.8")


A rare, large pewter ice cream mould in the shape of a prancing horse. This is a fabulous design, and one that we have not seen before. It is made in three sections which are held together by pinned hinges. There is a faint trace of the mark ‘LG’ in the casting, which is the mark of the French company Letang. It dates from c.1900 but has not seen much use at all as the interior is still in remarkably good, bright, usable condition and the exterior has a bright patina. Most pewter develops a darker patina over the years but this has probably been kept polished. The design is very well detailed and it would turn out easily due to the way that the mould is constructed. It is in excellent condition.

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