Small Oranges.

Small Oranges.

Code: E17336/7


W: 6.3cm (2.5")H: 5cm (2")D: 5cm (2")

£49.00 each Approx $67.4, €57.38

Small pewter ice cream moulds in the shape of an oranges.These moulds have various marks  in the casting. To the inside of the hinges they are marked 'LETANG FILS PARIS 108 RUE VILLE DU TEMPLE' and to the exterior they are marked with the pattern number '1722'. They date from c.1890.  They are quite simple in form but the orange peel effect is very well detailed. We have two of these and they are both in excellent condition. The interiors are in very bright, clean, usable condition and the exteriors have quite a light patina. 
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