Three Part Pewter Ice Cream Mould

Three Part Pewter Ice Cream Mould

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A three part, pewter, ice cream mould. This type of mould is often referred to as a banquet mould. This is a fairly simple, small example, with fluted sides and a fluted top with a small dome to the centre. It is unusual in that it bears quite a rare mark The interior of the base is marked “BIERTUMPFEL & SON. MAKERS. 138 ALBANY ST. LONDON” within an oval, above “PINT” over “4”. Biertumpfel and son were candle moulding machine makers and pewterers who were also involved, in small productions of ice cream equipment. This dates from c.1890 and it is in excellent condition. The exterior has quite a dark patina and the interior is in very good, bright, usable condition.

Dimensions: Height 14cm. Diameter 9.4cm.

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