Miniature, cast iron fire grate with lions

Miniature, cast iron fire grate with lions

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A miniature, Victorian, cast iron fire grate dating from c.1880. There is some speculation as to exactly what these were made for. Some people suggest apprentice pieces, but the quality is rarely good enough, and others suggest travellers samples, but they were not replicas of larger examples. So this really leaves only the theory of ornaments or advertising pieces. They could have been made to sit on the counter of the ironmongers to let their customers know that they sold fireplaces. This example is very decorative, with classical maidens to either side of the grate and two large, recumbent lions on the mantel.There is a crack on the base, between the figure on the left and the free grate. Other than this it is in very good condition. 

Dimensions: Length 30cm. Depth 5.5cm. Height 27.5cm.

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