Miniature Cast Iron Stove & Copperware

Miniature Cast Iron Stove & Copperware

Code: J21579


A delightful, 19th century, miniature cast iron stove complete with a selection of period, miniature copperware. The stove has attractive, cast moulding to the legs, side pillars and doors. All of the door fittings have been nickel plated and the stove is complete internally and in full working order. It is obvious that it has been used quite a lot as there is a build up of limescale in the water boiler and evidence of charcoal in the fire box. It is quite a small example, measuring 38cm. high by 20cm wide by 28cm. high not including the flue.

The copperware consists of a daubiere, or brasing pan, which is particularly rare in miniature, a salmon kettle, 2 saucepans, 2 gratin dishes and a lidded stockpot. We have never seen a miniature daubiere before and this one measures 14cm. long by 7.6cm. wide by 6.9cm. high. Both this, and the salmon kettle, are made from a heavy gauge of copper and they date from c.1860. The other items of copperware date from c.1890. Both the stove and all of the items of copperware are in excellent condition.

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