Fine Set of 4 Crystal Wine Ewers

Fine Set of 4 Crystal Wine Ewers

Code: J21578


A stunning, set of four, Napoleon the third, French crystal wine ewers and lids. This suite basically consist of two pairs, one larger, and one smaller. However, even within the pairs there are slight differences in the sizes. There larger pair have a long elliptical cut to the neck with a geometric cut to the base. The bodies of the ewers are cut with swags, tassels and very simple, small, stylised flowers. The lids have the same geometric cut design to the finials and the same small flowers to the rim. 

The smaller pair  have the same design except for on the neck where they have the geometric cut rather than the elliptical one.  They all have folded feet and date from c.1860. They are superb quality, and not only extremely beautiful but also very practical.

All four ewers and lids are in excellent condition and it is rare to find a suite like this still together. 

Dimensions: Largest: Height 30.8cm. Width 15.5cm. Depth 11.5cm. 2nd largest: Height 30cm. Width 15cm. Depth 11cm. 3rd largest: Height 28.3cm. Width 12cm. Depth 10.2cm. Smallest:  Height 28cm. Width 12.4cm. Depth 9.8cm

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