Miniature copper moulds of cardoons

Miniature copper moulds of cardoons

Code: H20502


A group of three miniature copper moulds in the shape of cardoons. These are being sold individually. Each one is made from a substantial gauge of copper. They are English and they date from c.1880.

Condition: One is in very good condition. The other two both have tiny pinholes. One has two pin holes to the tops of two of the leaves. The other has one pinhole on the shoulder of the base. The tinning to the one in good condition is still usable. The other two are worn. The two with pinholes have sold.

Dimensions: Diameter 5.2cm. Height 5.5cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £10. Most of Western Europe add £5.

Price for good: £79. Two AF £49 each.