Small, spherical copper moulds

Small, spherical copper moulds

Code: G20358


A group of three miniature, two part, spherical, copper ice cream or jelly moulds. These were used to turn out a perfect ball shape of ice cream or jelly. If using them for ice cream you would fill both sides, when the ice cream was at a partially set stage, and then put the mould together. If using for jelly you would have the two parts together and fill them through the open, funnel shaped end. We have two of the larger size and one very small example which are all illustrated here. The larger ones are 6cm. diameter and the smaller one is 4.4cm. diameter. 

They are all in quite good condition but there is slight marking to the copper from use. The tinning, to the interior, is worn in all of them so they could not be used without re-tinning. We have one large and one small mould left.

English. Date c.1880

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