Cast iron butchers scales

Cast iron butchers scales

Code: F19464


W: 25.5cm (10")H: 23cm (9.1")L: 62cm (24.4")


A set of 19th century, French, cast iron butchers scales with weights. This magnificent set of scales are cast with cows heads to either end. In the centre is what is probably the family crest of the butchers company, although it is now worn and you cannot make out the name in the casting. This section is painted in gold and is cast with a central shield depicting a ship beneath a crown. To either side are figures, a female holding a sword and a male holding the staff of Asclepius. The central pointers, and the scale pans are made from brass and both of the pans are marked 'VIGNAL & BODMER PARIS 4 RUE BENJAMIN CONSTANT'. This was possibly the retailer of the scales. They date from c.1860. There is a small split in the edge of one of the brass scale pans and there is general wear to the piece, consistent with age and use. The brass weights range from 2 kilograms down to 10 grams but the set is incomplete.

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