Early Betel Nut Cutter

Early Betel Nut Cutter

Code: E17587


W: 35.5cm (14")H: 11.2cm (4.4")D: 1cm (0.4")


An unusual, early 19th century, steel and brass, betel nut cutter, probably of Asian origin.  This is quite large in size for a betel nut cutter as they are often only about half of this length. It is very well made and also very elaborate. The steel handles have engraved geometric designs and they are also inlaid with brass. The cutter has two stylised birds to the top and the blade is also engraved with geometric designs. The piece is in excellent condition. Although known as betel nut cutters they were actually for cutting the areca nut. This was chewed with betel leaf for their effect as a mild stimulant.
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