English Pewter Sorbetiere

English Pewter Sorbetiere

Code: E18398


H: 27cm (10.6")Di: 12cm (4.7")


A 19th century, English pewter sorbetiere. This piece does not have any manufacturers marks  but it is marked, on the rim, with the capacity which is '2 QUART'. It dates from c.1860. Sorbetieres were used for making ice cream. They would sit into a large wooden barrel which would be filled with ice. The ice cream or sorbet was put into the sorbetiere and the sorbetiere was turned in the barrel of ice. Using this method ice cream can be made in as little as 20 minutes. There is slight marking to the pewter, from use, but other than that it is in good condition and it could still be used. 
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