Peugeot Cast Iron Coffee Mill

Peugeot Cast Iron Coffee Mill

Code: J21692


A nineteenth century, Peugeot, cast iron coffee mill. Peugeot, who are now more well known for their production of cars, started in around 1820 making pepper mills and then, around 1850 they started to make coffee mills. This example dates from c.1880. It is marked, in the casting “PEUGEOT FRERES BREVETES S.G.D.G.” and it is also marked with the size ‘2’ and ‘A’. There is also a small, brass plaque on the front of the draw which reads “PEUGEOT FRERES MODELE DEPOSE VALENTIGNEY DOUBS”. It is nice in that both the cast iron and the wood have their original green paintwork which is now mellowed with age. The cover to the mill is brass and the draw handle is ceramic. It is in very good condition and it is also in full, working order.

Dimensions: Height 41cm. Width 39cm. Depth 24.5cm. 

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