Pewter, Lidded Jug

Pewter, Lidded Jug

Code: J22453


An attractive, 19th century pewter, lidded jug. This bulbous shaped jug has a chair back thumb plate to the lid and dates from c.1850. There is a filter in the spout so it would probably have been for toast and water. Burnt toast was put into water and drunk as an aid to the digestion. The filter removed the pieces of toast before consumption of the water. Under the spout the jug is engraved with the initials “”J & S S” and around this are leaves and the emblems of the UK, a rose a shamrock and two thistles. As the thistle is repeated it is likely that the jug is of Scottish origins. It has taken quite a knock on the spout which has resulted in damage to the spout and also the spout being pushed in slightly. It is, however, a very characterful piece.

Dimensions: Height 20.5cm. Width 19.5cm. Diameter 16cm.

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