"Crown Patent" crimping machine

Code: G19749


A fabulous, 19th century crimping iron of very unusual form. Crimping irons were used for putting the pleats into collars and cuffs and this has much wider ridges in the rollers compared to many. It is made from cast iron and has brass rollers and in the cast iron it is marked “CROWN PAT.NOV 2.1875JULY 3.1877 REISSUED MARCH 22.1880”. It still has its’ original, decorative paintwork to the side and base and there is an attached clamp fitting to clamp it to the table when in use.

English. Cast iron and cast brass with a turned, wood handle. Date c.1880.

Condition.Very good with just slight wear to the paint around the base.

Dimensions: Height 23cm. Length 29.5cm. Width 17cm. 

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