Cast Iron and Brass Crimping Iron

Cast Iron and Brass Crimping Iron

Code: H20947


A nineteenth century, brass and cast iron crimping iron. This type of iron was used for putting small pleats into fabric such as collars and cuffs which were often detachable from the garment. The fabric was washed, starched and then run through the crimper which was heated by steel rods which went into the ends of the cylinders. Often the manufacturers marks can be found cast in the ironwork but this example is unmarked and dates from c.1870. It is a good, decorative example and it is still in full working order. It is just missing the steel rods for heating the cylinders. The wooden handle is quite worn from use but other than that it is in very good condition.

Dimensions: Length 34.5cm. Width 14.6cm. Height 22cm.

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