Kenrick Size 1 lace iron

Kenrick Size 1 lace iron

Code: F19514


W: 5.2cm (2")H: 8.4cm (3.3")L: 10.5cm (4.1")


A small, late Victorian lace iron with a detachable handle. This is marked, in the casting, ‘LACE IRON No 1 KENRICK’. Kenrick are based in West Bromwich and started in business in the 1780’s. This iron dates from c.1890. The handle is detachable so that you could have a second iron on the heat ready for when the first went cold. The underside of the iron curves up at one end so as not to crush, or tear, the lace. There is slight scorching to the wooden handle, from use, but otherwise the piece is in excellent condition.

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