Miniature flat irons by Kenrick and WB&Co.

Miniature flat irons by Kenrick and WB&Co.

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£35.00 each Approx $48.14, €40.98

Two, miniature, cast iron flat irons. The iron on the left is marked ‘KENRICK’. (Sold).The iron on the right is marked with a number ‘1’ above ‘WB&Co’. This size 1 iron is much larger than many that we currently have in stock but this just highlights the differences between the manufacturers. Both of these irons have polished bases.

Both are English and date from the last quarter of the 19th century. 

Both in good condition.

Dimensions: Iron on left: Length 7.5cm Width 5cm. Height 6.8cm.

                     Iron on right: Length 8cm. Width 5.4cm. Height 7cm.

Individual prices include postage within the U.K. but great savings can be made on multiple purchases. Please enquire.

Shipping to the USA add £10. Western Europe add £5