Two size 2 flat irons

Two size 2 flat irons

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£35.00 each Approx $48.14, €40.98

Two, miniature, size ‘2’, cast iron flat irons. The iron on the left is marked with a large number ‘2’. The iron on the right  is also marked with the number ‘2’, it has a nicely shaped handle and a polished base. (THE IRON ON THE RIGHT IS NOW SOLD)

Both are English and date from the last quarter of the 19th century. 

Both in good condition.

Dimensions: Iron on left: Length 7cm Width 4.9cm. Height 6.7cm.

                     Iron on right: Length 6.4cm. Width 5.1cm. Height 5.8cm. (SOLD)

Individual prices include postage within the U.K. but great savings can be made on multiple purchases. Please enquire.

Shipping to the USA add £10. Western Europe add £5