Unusual, American Crimping Iron

Unusual, American Crimping Iron

Code: K23197


A very unusual, American crimping iron or fluter. This would have been used for putting fine pleats into fabrics such as collars and cuffs. The base is unusual in that it contains a brick which would have been put onto the stove, or into the coals to heat. The base is marked, in the casting, “AMERICAN MACHINE CO. PHILADELPHIA PA.” and it dates from c.1870. It still has its’ original black and gold paintwork which is in very good condition. The roller also has its’ original paintwork but this is now a little worn. Overall the piece is in very good condition.

Dimensions: Base: Length 14cm. Width 9cm. Height 3.7cm. Roller: Length 16cm. Width 8.2cm. 

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