Wooden Crimping Board & Roller

Wooden Crimping Board & Roller

Code: H20411


An early 19th century wooden crimping board and roller. These were used for forming the tiny crimpings, gatherings or ruckings in fabric. The fabric was starched, then damped and placed on the board and rolled until the small pleats were formed. The pleated fabric was then stitched at the top, to form  collars and cuffs. It is now rare to find the two parts still together.

This example is carved from beechwood. It is English and it dates from c.1820

Dimensions: Board: Length 20.8cm. Width 12.9cm. Depth 2.3cm. Roller: Length 17.7cm. Diameter 4.2cm. 

There is one woodworm hole in the board and a further worm hole in the roller. There is also a piece of wood missing from one end of the roller. The wood has a lovely colour and patination.

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