English copper bain marie and pans

English copper bain marie and pans

Code: E18220


A fantastic, Victorian, English copper bain marie set, comprising bain marie and trivet, along with six bain marie pans of varying sizes. The bain marie measures 43cm. long by 34.8cm wide by 11.3cm. deep. It is marked, to the side, ‘TEMPLE & CROOK IRONMONGERS MOTCOMB ST. S.W. ‘ and it is also engraved with the initials ‘R.P.’  It has folding bronze handles to either end. The largest pan is 17cm. high by 16 diameter. It is marked ‘JONES BROS DOWN ST. W.’ and it is also nicely engraved with the initials ‘C.H’, for a previous owner. The other five pans, which range from 15cm. high by 13cm. diameter, down to 9cm. high by 8cm. diameter, are all marked ‘A & N C S L’.  This is the mark of the Army and Navy Co-operative Society Ltd, which started 1871. All of the pans have mushroom shaped, brass finials to the lids and steel handles. All pieces date from c.1880. They are all well made, from a heavy gauge of copper and they all have castellated seams. There is slight pitting to the largest pan but other than this all pieces are in excellent condition and everything has been re-tinned so that it can be used. It is rare to find a set like this, of this period, which is still in such good condition and is functional as well as decorative.

We also have a double boiler was made to use with this set. It is listed, and can  be purchased separately, as it is a rare item, but it does fit into the bain marie with all the other pans. It is shown in the bain marie in one of the images.

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