French copper turbotiere

French copper turbotiere

Code: F19433


A nineteenth century, French copper turbotiere and drainer. This is made from quite a substantial gauge of copper, has castellated seams around the base, and has square form, brass handles to either end. It dates from c.1860. Both the interior and the copper drainer have been re-tinned so that it can be used. All English turbotieres had lids but many French examples didn’t. This one was never made to take a lid as the handles on the drainer stand up beyond the rim of the pan making it impossible for a lid to sit flat.

There are numerous very small dents to the copper, which are quite insignificant, but other than that it is in very good condition.

Dimensions: Length of pan 49cm. Width 42cm. Depth 10.5cm. Total length including handles 56.5cm. Total height including handles 12.3cm.

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