Large French Copper Saucepan

Large French Copper Saucepan

Code: K22928

£195.00 Approx $247.15, €228.07

A large, French copper sugar pan which has now beed tinned for use as a saucepan. Originally this type of pan was not tinned, and it was for caramelising sugar, but we have had it tinned as our customers find them so useful as saucepans having the pouring spout. This is a very good quality example, made from a very heavy gauge of copper, and it also has the advantage of the short wooden handle. It dates from c.1890 and it is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Diameter of pan 18.8cm. Width across the spout 22cm. Height of pan 11.7cm. Overall length of pan and handle 44.5cm.

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