Set of Victorian Copper Pans on Stand

Set of Victorian Copper Pans on Stand

Code: H20665


A very good set of eight, 19th century, English copper saucepans on a wrought iron stand. These are a matched set but they are all excellent quality. They are all well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and they have castellated seams. They are a well graduated set, ranging in size from the smallest, which is 10.5cm. diameter by 7.4cm. deep, to the largest which is 26cm. diameter by 16cm. deep. The five smaller pans are all marked with the orb and cross symbol which is the mark of the London company Benham. The third from largest pan is marked, to the base, with a large ‘D’, the second to largest is stamped with the circular mark “JONES BROS 4 DOWN ST. W” and it is also engraved with the initials “WK”. These would be the initials of a previous owner. The largest pan is stamped with “A & N C.S.L” and a number ’44’. This is the mark of the army and navy co-operative stores. All of the pans date between 1860 and 1890 and the wrought iron stand dates from c.1880. It is 172cm. high by 46cm. across the base. It is an attractive form with hooks to the top five shelves which allows you to hang frying pans or other utensils down the sides. 

There is slight pitting to some of the steel handles but other than that all of the pans are in excellent condition, with good, flat bases, so they will work well on all heat sources, and the interiors have all been re-tinned so that they can be used.

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