Small, English Copper Saucepan

Small, English Copper Saucepan

Code: F18607

£225.00 Approx $285.17, €263.16

A small, English copper saucepan and cover. This has the remains of the orb and cross symbol used by Benhams stamped in the base but the mark is now quite worn. There is also a workman’s mark in the form of a square divided into four sections. Both the pan and cover have a large, engraved ‘E’ which would be the mark of a previous owner. The pan is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper. It has castellated seams around the base and up the side and it dates from c.1870. It is in excellent condition and the interior has been re-tinned so that it can be used.

Dimensions: Diameter of pan 11.8 cm. Depth of pan 8.7cm. Overall length of pan and handle 23cm. 

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