Unusual Copper Double Boiler

Unusual Copper Double Boiler

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An unusual copper double boiler from a bain marie set. Originally this would have sat into a large bain marie, with a number of other bain marie pans for making sauces. However, it could now be used on its’ own for sauces or chocolate. It dates from c.1870. The base pan is made from a heavy gauge of copper and has castellated seams and a steel handle. The inner section is also made from a heavy gauge of copper but it has copper fittings, an acorn shaped brass finial and a turned wooden handle. It is quite a loose fit into the pan but this allows the water to rise up the sides of the inner section. Both parts have been re-tinned so that it can be used. It is in very good condition but there a couple of indentations in the copper, in the outer pan, which are still filled with tin as, originally, it would have been tinned inside and out.

Dimensions: Height 22.5cm. Width of pan and handle 32.8cm.  Diameter 15cm.

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