Unusual, Rectangular Copper Pan

Unusual, Rectangular Copper Pan

Code: J21683

£335.00 Approx $425.67, €391.36

A very unusual, small, French copper pan for cooking fish or a small joint of meat. This is rectangular in form and is well made, with castellated seams, from a heavy gauge of copper. To the interior is a beautifully made drainer and to the exterior is a folding steel handle to the pan and a nicely shaped, brass handle to the lid. This dates from c.1860 and is in very good condition. The interior has been re-tinned so that it can be used. 

Dimensions: Length of interior of pan 23cm. Overall length including the handles 27cm. Height of pan 10.5cm. Overall height including the handles 12.5cm. Width 15.3cm. 

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