'Faun and Flute'

'Faun and Flute'

Code: E18450


W: 18cm (7.1")H: 43cm (16.9")D: 14cm (5.5")


A large, and very fine quality, Wedgwood black basalt figure. On the front of the base the figure is marked 'FAUN FLUTE' and on the reverse it is marked 'Wedgwood'. Although, in mythology, the Faun was a creature which was half human and half goat this figure simply depicts a young man playing a flute. It dates from c.1860. It is beautifully modelled and it has excellent detail. The pottery  has also developed a fine patina over the years. There is a very small chip on the base of the piece, which can be seen in the images, but other than this it is in excellent condition.
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