18th century, Wedgwood basalt vase

18th century, Wedgwood basalt vase

Code: H20543


A fabulous quality, 18th century, Wedgwood basalt vase. This really is an exceptional piece of basalt, dating from c.1780. It is simply marked “WEDGWOOD” but one would not be surprised to see a Wedgwood and Bentley mark on a piece of this style and quality. The relief moulded decoration is very deep and finely modelled. To one side is a relief depicting two cherubs on a chariot and to the other side is a chariot drawn by lions, one of which is being ridden by a cherub. There are musical and military trophies hanging from the neck of the vase and further musical reliefs around the base. The handles terminate in Bacchus masks and there are various, classical moulded borders. 

The piece is in excellent condition and the basalt has a lovely patina.

Dimensions: Height 24.5cm. Diameter 14cm. 

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